Synthwave Sounds: The First Wave

First of all I would just like to thank everyone who not only submitted tracks for this list, but went out of their way to share and push it as much as possible. It may have been partly by chance that this list got so many followers so quickly, but without all the amazing artists and promoters it wouldn’t have been possible. So thanks!

So after the first wave of submissions using the form on the new site (over a hundred in a day) I’ve decided to announce who’s been added this week. I’d like to regularly do this and also talk about some of the tracks if there’s a chance in the future. To anyone who didn’t make the cut, please keep trying, because everything I’ve been sent this last couple of days has been great, and it’s just been a case of choosing the tracks that I felt fit best at this point in time. I tried to reply to every single person, and I’m so sorry if I missed anyone, it’s just been a crazy week!

And onto today’s additions. Again if I’ve missed you on the list here many apologies. Here are the great tracks added:

Nathaniel Wyvern – Console Redux

Lost Outrider/New Arcades – Eyes

Simulakrum Lab/Cody Carpenter – Wireframe II

Facexhugger/Street Cleaner – Power Unleashed

Forhill – Arboretum

Cat Temper – Code Racer

Watch Out For Snakes – End/Credits

Neon Summers – Detective Summers

Melodywhore – Enceladus

Sferro – Blitz

Skimode/Von Kaiser – Red Light

XYLE – The Return

L’Avenue – Black Rain

Thanks again to everyone for your support and please check back regularly for more updates, reviews and music!

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