Synthwave Sounds: This week’s additions and track spotlight

This week’s submissions for the Synthwave Sounds playlist were absolutely phenomenal in both number and quality, with a whopping 350 tracks coming this way for me to wrap my ears around.

Unfortunately only a small number of those songs could be chosen for the list in order for the artists on there to able to shine, and for it to not become overcrowded for as long as possible. I’d also like to add at this point that whilst I would love to reply to each and every single one of you, it’s been really hectic this week and I do apologize if you don’t receive a personal mail from me. I will say however that the quality of submissions is always high and I urge all of you to keep submitting your tracks. I thank you all for your continued support.

And without further ado here are the tracks that made it onto the Synthwave Sounds playlist this week:

Grim Nights – Adrift in Beauty

Straplocked/Ray Gun Hero – Old Future Friends

Ravenholm – Cardio Workout

The Midnight – Lost Boy

Powercyan – Disciples of the Night

3FORCE/Megan McDuffee – Promise

Powernerd – I am the Danger

Fury Weekend – Hollywood Riding

Scandroid/PYLOT – Thriller

Mega Drive – NARC

We Are Magonia – High School Massacre

Contre-Attaque – Sweet Dreams

Sebastian Svahn – Departure

Octal Drive – Trust

Bongitta – In Interim

HOLOFLASH – Swedish AOR Convention Theme

Zyrille Zuño – We

LukHash – Museum of Failed Efforts

Night Raptor – Goliath

Droid Bishop – Hypersleep

Va7 – 2nd Movement

MicroMatscenes – Saturday Morning

Mono Memory – Resident Evil Zero

And now for this week’s Track Spotlight. Today’s track is…

Droid Bishop – Hypersleep

Droid Bishop made a fantastic return this week with his brilliantly imaginative, journey-like powerhouse of an album “Rebirth of the Machine”. The whole thing is amazing and I urge you all to stop whatever you’re doing and check it out right now. The album tells a really great story, so be sure to listen from start to finish as intended.

One of my favorite tracks from the album, “Hypersleep” features soaring synths, gorgeous vocals and doesn’t fail to find a way to put the listener right in the middle of the epic, evolving story being told.

“Rebirth of the Machine” is available on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms, including right here on the Synthwave Sounds Playlist

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