Synthwave Sounds: Additions this week and our track spotlight

After an extremely busy couple of weeks preparing my own album for mastering as well as entertaining friends visiting from the UK, Synthwave Sounds finally returns with a lovely list of additions for your listening pleasure. Once again, to anyone who didn’t make the cut this time please keep trying and submitting as I always love to hear your tracks. All I ask of anyone who’s been included in the list is to share it as much as possible and get your music heard! Here are the additions for this week:

Gryff – Landslide

TV Players/Oceanside85 – Battle of the Hearts

Hexenkraft – A Flame in the Void

W O L F C L U B – Electrify

Gunship – Black Sun on the Horizon

Satellite Young – Fake Memory (Outrun Remix)

Fantom ’87 – Lazer Bomb

Slanger/Stewart Lockwood – Mountains

1982.0 – Powerslide!

Ectronic – Skeezer

Michael Weber – Magazine

Night Vision/Sellorekt la Dreams – Set Me Free

Runaway Droid – Combat Mode

Basker Hval – O.M.D

Parallels/Digital Shades – Closure

MacReady/Watch Out For Snakes – Sunset on Mt. Fuji

Badison – Show You Things

Cleeve Morris – Midnight Rider

Fortis Flight – Neon Fire

Kristine – The Deepest Blue (Dance with the Dead remix)

Icarus – Walls

Timecrawler 82/Silvia – Last Days of Summer

The Midnight – Days of Thunder

Vampire Step-Dad – Party of One

Megan McDuffee/Sim Mix – Blue Monday

Now moving onto our Track Spotlight this week. A remix of a track that I already love, but maybe love this version even more…

Satellite Young – Fake Memory (outrun remix)

Satellite Young are one of my favorite Synthwave acts. They combine 1980s anime nostalgia with a modern twist, and they never fail to come up with consistently catchy and exciting hooks that will have you humming for days after listening. This remixed version of “Fake Memory” is no different, and I guarantee that chorus will be stuck in your head for weeks, even if you don’t understand the Japanese lyrics.

You can find the track here on the band’s new remix album, or of course right here on our very own Synthwave Sounds playlist.

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