Synthwave Sounds: Additions and Track Spotlight

Once again it’s time to take a look at who’s been added to the mega playlist this time around. As always it’s been extremely tough to decide on what I add to the list, and with so many quality submissions coming in each day it makes it increasingly difficult not to add in great numbers. However I do feel that this would de-value the list a little and oversaturate it with too much content, making it increasingly difficult for the artists already on there to be heard.

So without further ado, here are the additions for this edition of Synthwave Sounds:

SURGE – Shadowrun

BARx – Drive

Roxi Drive/Sellorekt/L.A Dreams – See it in Your Eyes

Fury Weekend – Towards the Wind

FM-84/Ollie Wride – Don’t Want to Change Your Mind

Timecop1983/The Bad Dreamers – Back to You

Arcade High – Select Start

Pronoun/The Chain Gang of 1974 – Run

PYLOT – City Glow

Overvad – Warp Nine

The Abyss – The Outlands

Tyton Project – In a Moment

And for our Track Spotlight this week we have none other than…

Arcade High – Select Start

Arcade High are in my opinion up there with the greats in terms of Synthwave artists. Ever since I first listened to 2013’s “Pixel Passion” I’ve been hooked on the duo and their fusion of modern sounds mixed with retro synths and chiptune riffs. When I heard that the pair were releasing a new album this year I was extremely excited and eager to find out if they could match the consistency, depth and brilliance of their previous efforts. Well it turns out that they not only matched but in many ways exceeded in all areas with this release. From start to finish the album is laced with catchy hooks, delightful chord progressions and intricate production techniques that are unmatched by most other artists in the genre to this day. There’s definitely a more modern feel to this album than in previous outings, which works really well here and doesn’t detract from the fact that we are still listening to a Synthwave record at heart.

The track I’ve selected here, “Select Start” is a prime example of how an instrumental is done right, with a driving beat and exciting melody that never lets up and keeps coming back for more.

Check out the track and the entire “New Impressions” album right here on Spotify or of course here on the Synthwave Sounds playlist.

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