Synthwave Sounds: This month’s additions and Track Spotlight

It’s been another busy month in terms of great releases, plus a whole lot of amazing submissions to be considered for the playlist. It becomes increasingly more and more difficult to decide on what to include in the list, so please try not to feel disheartened if you’re not on there this time around. Keep submitting, I love to hear all of your tracks!

And so without further ado let’s take a look at which tracks were added to the playlist this month:

The Universe – Return to Forever

Arctic Mega Defender – All Systems are Go

Von Kaiser – Glossy

Starcop – Space Cruiser

MAGNAVOLT – Red Rose Club

Bart Graft – Arcadia

Fortis Flight – Lost in the City

Capa/Einar K – Echoes

H3x Dysphoria – Cyber Cove

Occams Laser – Grimoire

Digital Shades – Second Nature

The Evening – Obsession

Palm Lakes – Satellite

M.K. Khan – Days in July

Melody Whore – Fallen Angels

Parallels/Chris Huggett – Golden

Bonggita – Reverie

Danny Madigan/Alpha Chrome Yayo – Eleusinian Mysteries

Congratulations to everyone who was added, there are some really amazing tracks in there and I hope this allows your music to gain further reach and be heard!

Aside from the fantastic additions this month I’d also like to showcase a specific song in particular from the bunch. And so this month’s Track Spotlight is none other than…

Bart Graft – Arcadia

Bart Graft has returned with his phenomenal new album “The Quiet Earth”, and as always from this artist, it doesn’t disappoint. I would actually go as far as to say that this is up there with some of the best work Graft has ever released (and he has released A LOT of great stuff). I urge you all to check this one out immediately.

Although it proved extremely difficult for me to choose one track to add to the Synthwave Sounds playlist, I ultimately decided on “Arcadia”, not only because it grips you from the very start with its infectious opening riff and use of Pan Flute style synth sounds, but also because it utterly captures the feel of my love for the more alternative side of 80s Rock and 90s Grunge. Bart Graft has given us shades of 1984 Rush mixed with riffs and guitar tones that could’ve come straight from the great Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) himself. If you’re a fan of any of these bands or styles of music then this track should not be missed.

You can listen to the track here or right here on the Synthwave Sounds playlist.

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