Character Bios

Jack Lancer

Jack is a police officer working for the MCPD and the protagonist of our story. After losing his arm 2 years ago whilst being held captive and tortured by the notorious ‘Scarlet Cobra Syndicate’, Jack had lost his way and turned to alcohol. Whilst drinking to cope with the loss of his arm, he had also lost everything else that he’d once cared for. The most important being his wife; Holly Lancer, who had left Jack after being unable to deal with the aggressive and unstable man he’d become.

Baron Cleeth

Baron Cleeth is the main antagonist of our story and the perpetrator in Jack’s most recent case. Cleeth has been working underground and selling weapons to the various gangs and syndicates around Miami. He and his small band of men have become the main source of weapons for gangs in Miami and they continue to expand each day. Baron Cleeth enjoys allowing gang members to ‘test’ his weapons in a sadistic game of cat and mouse, in which he uses innocent citizens as bait for the gang members to hunt with Cleeth’s vast and heavy arsenal.

Holly Lancer

Holly is Jack’s ex-wife and the main female role of our story. After leaving Jack due to relationship issues, Holly moved house and now lives in a small apartment in the city. A part of her still loves Jack but is unable to stay with him due to his alcohol problems and their various personal issues.

Spider Sanchez

Sanchez works for the MCPD alongside Jack Lancer, however they have far from what could be called a friendship. Lancer and Sanchez have had an ongoing rivalry lasting 7 years since they both graduated from the same training academy together and were assigned to the same unit. Sanchez’s sneaky style of work often angers Jack, as he has been known to ‘poach’ the easiest or most high profile cases in order to make a name for himself on the force.

Gayle Grayson

Gayle is Jack’s partner within the MCPD and is a loyal friend and coworker. She is also an extremely tough cop despite her small size and has been known to regularly save Jack from various dangerous and sticky situations, as well as being the person he confides in.

Captain Maurice Carson

Captain Carson is the driving force behind the MCPD (Miami City Police Department) and Jack’s mentor. Carson is constantly trying to keep Jack in line as his renegade style can often be destructive to the city and it’s inhabitants. The Captain and Jack Lancer have known each other for over 10 years and have a fairly close relationship despite their constant issues within the police force.